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Professor Jiliang Jing received his Ph.D in University of science and technology of China. He gained his professorship in 1993. He was selected as the State Council experts for special allowance in 2004, the first level talent of 121 talent project to the new century of Hunan province in 2004, and the professor for Lotus scholars program by Hunan province in 2007. In 1995 his essay received Honorable mention by international gravity research foundation. He won the national excellent doctoral dissertation award and Hunan science and technology progress award. Now he is Ph.D. adviser of theoretical physics of Hunan normal university, vice chairman of gravitation and relativistic astrophysics branch of Chinese Physical Society, and vice chairman of Hunan Provincial Physical Society. He has published over 150 papers and got more than 3000 citations. Currently he is mainly working on the black hole physics, the application of AdS/CFT correspondence, and relativity quantum information.

Research Interests:

1) Gravitation and General Relativity

2) Black hole physics

3) Relativity quantum information

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