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International Conference on Quantum GravityDate:2017-12-11   Click:1425

International Conference on

Quantum Gravity

We are pleased to announce the "International Conference on Quantum Gravity", which will take place from March 26 to 28, 2018, in Shenzhen.
The key-topics of the conference are:

- Nonlocal Quantum Gravity
- Super-renormalizable Quantum Gravity Theories
- String Theory
- Loop Quantum Gravity
- Theories Beyond Einstein Gravity
- Spacetime Singularities
- Classical and Quantum Black Holes
- Cosmology
- Gravitational Waves
- Observational Tests

We expect participants from mainland China and from abroad.
The workshop website is here:
The registration closes on February 15, 2018, or as soon as we reach 80 registered participants.
Please forward this email to all potentially interested colleagues.
We hope to see you in Shenzhen!
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