Constitution and Bylaws of Association

Article I – Name of the Association:

The name of the Association is the BRICS Association of Gravity Astrophysics and Cosmology (BRICS-AGAC).

Article II - The Board:

Section-1. Composition and Terms of the Board.The Board will have chairman,secretary and five members, one from each BRICS nations.The Board will be appointed by the Council of the Association for a five-year term of office. The Board will consist of leading senior scientists in the field from the five BRICS states.

Section-2. Authorities and Duties. The Board has overall responsibility of setting general directions and policies for AGAC. All the proposals initiated by the Council including financial matters would need the approval of the Board before implementation. The Board will also have authority of approving the changes in Constitutions and Bylaws proposed by the Council.

Section 3. Meetings. The Board will meet at least twice a year, the meeting could be organized via video conferencing. The secretary of the Board will carry responsibility for organizing the Board meetings.

Article III- Council of the Association:

Section 1. Composition and Terms. The Council will be nominated by outgoing council members and approved by the Board. It will have a president, four vice-presidents,a secretary, a treasurer and five members from each of the BRICS countries.

Section 2. Authorities and Duties. The President will be the chair of council. In her/his absence, one of the four vice-presidents, appointed by the Board, will act in her/his place. The financial matters of the Association will be looked after by the treasurer. The secretary would convey the message of president/vice-president to the members and the treasurer as well as to the board on the behest of the president. The council will have overall responsibility of governance including the design of academic strategy of the association, and overseeing and implementing its financial operations.

Section 3. Meetings. The Council should call at least one meeting after every six month. Emergency meetings can be called as and when a need arises. The meeting could also be arranged using Skype and the like facilities.

Article IV. Academic Committees:

Section 1: Organizing Committee. The Council of the Association after taking approval of the Board for holding summer/winter schools/workshops will form local and international committees for facilitating organizing of the said activities. These activities would take place on rotation basis among the five BRICS countries.

Section 2. Selection Committee. The selection of postdoctoral fellows will be conducted through a selection appointed by the Council and approved by the Board. The selection committee will consist of leading experts from the five BRICS members. The committee will have power of assigning a particular number of postdoctoral fellows to a particular BRICS member depending upon the situation. The Council may appoint the selection committee valid for a period of three years.

Article V. Election of Council and Board:

Section 1. The Council. The members of the outgoing council would propose the names for the next office bearers to the president. Once agreed upon, the names will be forwarded to the Board for approval.

Section 2. The Board. The Board will be appointed by the Council after consulting the leading experts in the field from the five BRICS members.

Article VI. Altering the Constitution:

This Constitution is binding on the Board, Council, and committees. It can only be altered by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Board.

Article VII. Membership:

The association will open its membership to all the faculty members/post-doctoral fellows/Ph.D students working in Gravity, Astrophysics and Cosmology or on the interface of high energy physics and gravity from BRICS countries. The membership will be free for those who enter during the first year and then some fee may be introduced. Members would be eligible to the BRICS prizes and to be elected on their country council of the association. Members will pay reduced fee at the meetings organized by the association. Members will be entitled to receive the decisions and announcements of BRICS-AGAC by email. Association will make arrangement for on line application for its membership.

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